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:note: NOTE ME :note:

Sketch // 10:points:
Line Art // 20:points:
Flat Color // 30:points:
Shading //35:points:

Background // +5:points:
Additional Character // +10:points:

I'm okay with drawing:
mature art // furries // animals // gijinkas // sexy stuff // people // anime // dragons // fantasy/mythical creatures // references for characters // anything

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Darian Christine Moore
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States

Nick Name(s): Dare, Dari, Bweeka (b-wee-kuh)

Gender: Female

Age: 17 years old

Birthday/year: June 12, 1997

Relationship: Taken (since April 13, 2013).

Hair: Depends on the lighting, but I'm a brunette for the most part.

Eyes: Sometimes grey, sometimes blue.

Origin: Michigan, the mitten state in the United States.

Language(s): English, and some text lingo.

Height: I'm 5'3.75"

Weight/Body Structure/Physical Faults: 96 lbs. I'm somewhat of a pear-shape. High metabolism, thyroid problems, hard for me to gain weight. I'm not anorexic, or bulimic, I promise.

Race: White.

Parents/Elders/Guardians: I live with my parents.

Siblings: I have one brother, Zakk.

Beliefs/Religion: Taoism (the balance of yin and yang), but I have mixed beliefs.

Career/Past Careers: My grandma's restaurant, Tacho's. I currently work at a McDonald's though, but it's only temporary.

Dreams/Life Goals: Well, I'm hoping to get the grades to be a Pharmacist. I've all ready been taking classes for it online, so woo! I'm also hoping to be a somewhat well-known artist.

Hobbies: Sketching, drawing, playing some Pokemon (my favorite), playing bass, guitar, and I'm learning drums.

Likes: Pokemon, music, drawing, art, watching people draw, looking up tutorials.

Loves: Chili, food, goulash, Pokemon, Alex, Free!, movies, Dexter (the show starring Michael C. Hall), Umbreon, Eevee, eeveelutions, Mew, 1st generation pokemon, and cats.

Dislikes: Being social (IRL), hearing things that are disrespectful, people, and when people half-ass try.

Loathes: A majority of people, bullies, when people assume things, and being bitched at.

Fears: Dying, losing a piece of me that means the most, losing memory, Alzheimer's disease, and not being capable.

Strengths: My experience (so far) for drawing, my adaptability, being able to communicate (even if I hate doing so).

Weakness: My lack of motivation, my wonderful procrastinating skill (may also be a strength though), lack of experience, and dependability.

Good Qualities: How out-going I CAN be, my curiosity, memory (I can remember things from a young age), I'm a face-match memorian, I try not to take shit from others, and my loyalty.

Bad Habits: I swear a lot, I can be a mess, I have major depression cycles, procrastination, I try to remember things (even though I should write it down), and every time I hiccup, I have to say, "hiccup." I'm into "childish" shows, but I love them.
tumblr deactivation.

I reblog one thing, TRYING to make is SOMEWHAT positive, then one person takes it the wrong way, so I reblogged, responded to the person, and deactivated my account.

The original post was about trans girls, and how some people disrespect them because they aren't "feminine" standard. So the person was talking about all body types of trans girls ARE important.

I can see that my reblogging was a broad statement, by saying everyone is important.

I literally meant EVERYONE, that means every body type, every person, every being. I was looking at the big picture, why is that I say one thing, and I get called out on something that I was so innocent to.

I was told the post doesn't pertain to me, and to watch my blogging in the future.  Fucking wish I was a guy sometimes, I act like a guy sometimes, but I have a vagina. So, oh well. But that doesn't stop me from dressing up like a guy.

But holy shit! I dress up "like a girl," too. You know what? What the fuck does that even mean, " a guy," or " a girl." Seriously, what is with gender roles, and how someone can "do something" like a certain gender?

I just don't see what was so wrong about what I said. I was so offended, but I don't want to offend anyone anymore on any website. I don't want to have to take shit from people I don't know. I just feel so terrible.


I fucking dress like a guy, sometimes wish I was a guy, but I know I'm not. I seriously have nothing against anyone. I don't care what you dress like, I don't care what you look like. I will try my best to understand you, and who you are.

BUT if you are NOT a nice person, or if you're judgemental because of the way someone looks, I will not respect you the way I respect the people who are not judgemental. That is one thing that bothers me most.

Another thing that bothers me; don't fucking jump to conclusions about something. Always ask the source. Go by what they say, does that mean you should tell others? No. Just tell the person asking, to go ask them for themselves.

I just want to be left the fuck alone!!!

I want drama to stop seeping into my life! I have someone and I'm super happy about that. Alex and I have been together for 21 months. I have a whole fucking life ahead of me. We have every little thing planned out. We want to grow old together we want to see everything the world has to offer together, we have our own dreams. I motivate Alex, and he motivates me. I'm just tired of people. I'm tired of people disrespecting our relationship.

His family loves me, and my family loves him. It's amazing, I love him, he loves me.


We are happy together, we make each other happy. I'm also tired of people that are too immature to realize that relationships need to be respected.

You don't just flirt with someone that is in a relationship, it's not right. You definitely cannot blame it on you being a natural flirt.

I sound like a broken record.

I repeat myself, but I need to rant... a lot.

I just don't want to hurt anyone.
  • Mood: Neglect
  • Listening to: Sir Psycho Sexy; RHCP
  • Reading: Lord of the Rings
  • Watching: Dexter: S1E8
  • Playing: Spyro: EtD
  • Eating: Gobstoppers
  • Drinking: Choc. Milk

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